Proactive Preparation: Secondary Mathematics Standards of Learning Tests

It’s that time of year again – time for targeted and effective instructional remediation to prepare students for Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments.  How do we decide the skill areas in which our math students need remediation?  Once those skills have been identified, how do we provide effective remediation that is more than just repetition of the classroom lessons to which they have already been exposed?

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Laying the Foundation for Teaching and Learning

foundationGareis and Grant (2008) define teaching as an “intentional creation and enactment of activities and experiences by one person that lead to changes in the knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions of another person” (p. 1). Teachers work hard to ensure that their students learn by carefully planning lessons and activities that meet the needs of all students and by continuously developing their own skills and knowledge about the teaching and learning process. However, until students actually learn what the teacher has taught, the instructional process is incomplete (Gareis & Grant, 2008). [Read more…]

Bridging the Gap: Access to the General Education Curriculum

archpuzzleExpectations for students in Virginia are high, as laid out in explicit detail in the Curriculum Framework documents that support the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).  The SOL, in turn, are aligned with College and Career Readiness priorities.  The targets are the same for all students, including students with disabilities (SWD). The best way to bridge the gap that currently exists in graduation rates and postsecondary outcomes between SWD and their nondisabled peers is to improve meaningful access to the general education curriculum. [Read more…]