A New School Year Brings a New Format for Link Lines

Welcome back to another school year ripe with possibilities and learning!  While you were enjoying your summer, the Training and Technical Assistance Center at the College of William and Mary (T/TAC W&M) celebrated its 20th year anniversary.  Over the past two decades, T/TAC W&M has provided a variety of services, resources, and information to support professionals who serve students with disabilities in K-12 educational settings. Our Link Lines newsletter, initially in print format, has become an online resource for many educators and families in Superintendents Regions 2 and 3.

Recognizing the importance of providing a variety of multi-media formats, we are implementing some changes to Link Lines this year.  Although the number of editions per year will remain the same, the design will be new.  Our first edition of the 2016-17 academic year highlights past resources and new products related to co-teaching and co-planning as described below.


The Nuts and Bolts of Co-Teaching

Co-teaching is first and foremost a special education service delivery model, whereby students with disabilities receive the specially designed instruction needed to address specific skill deficits (Friend, 2014). Co-teaching involves a partnership between two licensed educators, usually a general education teacher and a special education teacher, sharing responsibility for one classroom of diverse students. These professionals share the planning and delivery of instruction as well as accountability for student learning. Such a partnership between professionals with different areas of expertise is necessary for some students with disabilities to access and make progress in the general education setting.

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Co-Planning and Co-Teaching for Student Success E-Learning

A productive collaborative relationship between co-teaching partners helps maximize the resource of two professionals in an inclusive classroom, and improves outcomes for their students. The Co-Planning and Co-Teaching for Student Success learning module provides basic information for professionals currently engaged in or considering a co-teaching model to support students with mild to moderate disabilities within a general education setting. This module offers a structure and tools for developing effective collaborative relationships between general and special education teachers in co-taught classrooms.

Co-Teaching Considerations Packet

Co-teaching is a special education service delivery model.   This Considerations Packet provides basic information for professionals currently engaged in or considering co-teaching to support students with disabilities in general education classrooms. Topics include defining characteristics of co-teaching, advantages of co-teaching, characteristics of effective co-teachers, getting acquainted with a co-teaching partner, roles and responsibilities, co-teaching variations, effective co-planning, communication issues, and administrative issues.

T/TAC W&M New Project Specialists

T/TAC W&M is pleased to welcome three new Project Specialists to T/TAC W&M—LaShauna Britt, Shelley Littleton, and Daria Lorio-Barsten. [Read more…]

T/TAC W&M Resources

T/TAC W&M provides a variety of support services, resources, and assistance to educational professionals serving school-age students with mild to moderate disabilities in Eastern Virginia. Services include a lending library, podcasts, online learning modules, considerations packets on a variety of topics including co-teaching and instructional strategies, and a quarterly newsletter. Visit our website.