Library Book Suggestions – October 2016

The following books are available to check out from the T/TAC William & Mary Library.

Grading Exceptional and Struggling Learnersgradingexceptionalstrug
Authors:  Lee Ann Jung & Thomas R. Guskey
Call Number:  TS114
How can you ensure that you are grading your exceptional students fairly? Teachers receive very little guidance for grading students with disabilities, English learners, and those receiving services through a response-to-intervention (RTI) process. This practitioner-friendly book provides teachers and administrators with an effective framework for assigning grades that are accurate, meaningful, and legally defensible. Included are a graphic illustration of the grading model, sample report cards and progress reports, and vignettes that show how to tailor applications to each subgroup and grade level. This invaluable guide takes the mystery out of grading exceptional learners and focuses on what matters most—helping all students learn.

A Repair Kit for Grading 15 Fixes for Broken Gradesarepairkit
Author:  Ken O’Connor
Call Number:  TS113
Communicating about student achievement requires accurate, consistent and meaningful grades. Educators interested in examining and improving grading practices should ask the following questions: Am I confident that students in my classroom receive consistent, accurate and meaningful grades that support learning? Am I confident that the grades I assign students accurately reflect my school or district’s published performance standards and desired learning outcomes? In many schools, the answers to these questions often range from “not very” to “not at all.” The “fixes” provided in this helpful resource are in four categories that reflect common grading challenges: distorted achievement, low-quality or poorly organized evidence, inappropriate grade calculation and linking grades more closely to student learning. Grades are artifacts of learning, and students need to receive grades that reflect what they’ve actually learned. That’s why this book advocates the implementation of grading systems based strictly on student achievement – and shows educators how to create them.

ADHD Diagnosis and Management: A Practical Guide for the Clinic and the ClassroomADAdiagnosisandmang
Authors:  Mark L. Wolraich & George J. DuPaul
Call Number:  AD86
Effective, integrated care across clinical, classroom, and home settings: that’s what every student with ADHD needs to achieve academic and social success. This guide helps professionals deliver this kind of comprehensive, coordinated treatment for children in grades 1-8. Aligned with the AAP’s guidelines for ADHD development, this essential resource gives professionals practical, research-based guidelines that help with every stage of ADHD management.

All About ADHD: The Complete Practical Guide for Classroom TeachersAllaboutADHD
Author:  Linda J. Pfiffner
Call Number:  AD9
This revised and updated, best-selling, K-8 guide to teaching students with ADHD in the mainstream classroom, will support you as you support your students with ADHD, so that all students in your classroom can experience success. The author shares research-based, classroom-tested strategies for creating an ADHD-friendly classroom, establishing effective routines, designing lessons that maximize attention, promoting peer acceptance and support, teaching social skills and organizational skills, implementing rules, creating individualized behavior programs, working with parents, and documenting progress.

Bridging the Gap Between Arithmetic & Algebrabridgingthegap
Editor:  Bradley S. Witzel
Call Number:  CMT145
Although two federal panels have concluded that all students can learn mathematics and most succeed through Algebra 2, the abstractness of algebra and missing precursor understandings may be overwhelming to many students … and their teachers. This resource responds to this need for instruction and interventions that go beyond typical math lesson plans. Providing a review of evidence-based practices, this book is an essential reference for mathematics teaches and special education teachers when teaching mathematics to students who struggle with the critical concepts and skills necessary for success in algebra.

Response to Intervention in Mathresponsetointervention
Authors:  Paul J. Riccomini & Bradley S. Witzel
Call Number:  CMT141
This exciting new resource leads the way in applying Response to Intervention (RTI) to mathematics instruction by offering guidelines for improving learning for all students, especially those who have learning disabilities or are struggling with mathematics content. The authors describe how RTI’s three tiers can be implemented in specific math areas and include case studies to provide examples of RTI procedures. This timely resource provides tools and strategies that educators can immediately implement to help students achieve increased critical thinking and academic success.

Investigations, Tasks, and Rubrics to Teach and Assess Math: Grades 1-6investigationstasks
Authors:  Pat Lilburn & Alex Ciurak
Call Number CMT128
This dynamic resource provides opportunities for engaging, differentiated, open-ended problem-solving experiences. Features more than two hundred tasks grouped by content standards that reflect the NCTM Standards and the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points. CD includes over 60 reproducible investigations that address more than one content strand and are true problem-solving applications of mathematical skills, procedures, and reasoning.

This is Only a Test: Teaching for Mathematical Understanding in an Age of Standardized Testing  (Grades thisisonlyatest2-5)
Authors:  Nancy Litton & Maryann Wickett
Call Number:  CMT130
Transform teachers’ and students’ feelings toward standardized tests from panic and anxiety to control and confidence. This book’s proven strategies help students perform well on standardized tests without compromising teachers’ basic beliefs about how children learn. Create a yearlong plan for teaching math while simultaneously ensuring state standards are met; examine the relationship between released test items and the knowledge and skills students need to respond correctly; and discover ways to handle test preparation during the weeks before a test.



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