Library Book Suggestions-October 2014

October’s library book suggestions are on family engagement, graphic organizers, Hands on Standards, social skills and self-determination.

Beyond the Bake Sale:  The Essential Guide to Family-School Partnerships
Author:  Anne T. Henderson
Call Number:  FA63baksale
Packed with tips from principals, teachers, and parents; checklists; and an invaluable resource section, Beyond the Bake Sale reveals how to build strong, collaborative relationships and offers practical advice for improving interactions between parents and teachers, from insuring that parent groups are constructive and inclusive to navigating the complex issues surrounding diversity in the school community.

School, Family, and Community Partnerships:  Your Handbook for Action
Author:  Joyce Epsteinschoolfamily
Call Number:  FA56
This research-based framework of six types of involvement guides state and district leaders, school principals, teachers, parents, and community partners to form Action Teams for Partnerships–dynamic groups that plan, implement, evaluate, and continually improve family and community involvement for student success.

Teaching Self-Determination to Students with Disabilities:  Basic Skills for Successful Transition
Author:  Michael Wehmeyer
Call Number:  TR41
teachingselfdeterminationWhat is the ultimate goal of education, if not to prepare young people for adulthood? This guide presents versatile instructional methods for teaching basic self-determination skills to students with disabilities. The abundant hands-on activities provide a variety of ways to promote autonomous behavior and reinforce the learning and practice of self-realization. Carefully developed, validated, and applied in classrooms, these techniques are field tested and proved to help students learn the specific skills they need for a more satisfactory, self-directed life.

Focusing Together: Promoting Self-Management Skills in the Classroom
Author:  Joyce A. Rademacher
Call Number:  BM291focusing
The Focusing Together Program is an instructional program that promotes self-management behavior in association with a set of classroom expectations that define responsible work habits, respect, and emotional and physical safety. This resource provides simple lesson plans and reproducible hand-outs to implement this proactive program for creating a classroom environment where all members feel safe so that inappropriate behaviors are less likely to occur in the first place.

Teaching with Visual Frameworks: Focused Learning and Achievement Through Instructional Graphics Co-Created by Students and Teachers
Author:  Christine Allen Ewy
Call Number:  TT208teachingwithvisual
Visual representations of course content are essential tools in today’s classrooms. They can offset the challenges associated with teaching diverse student populations while simultaneously bringing instructional techniques into greater harmony with the growing influence of technology and the visual media on the way students process information. With over 100 sample graphics, this groundbreaking volume provides a complete guide to visual instruction and assessment using the Unit Visual Framework (UVF). Combining pictures, color, and text for meaningful representation of the core concepts in a unit of study, UVFs result in a deepened understanding by all students—regardless of grade or language level.

Connecting Teachers, Students, and Standards: Strategies for Success in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms
Author:  Deborah L. Voltzconnectingteachers
Call Number:  IN202
How can you teach all students to achieve at the same high standards and still respect and accommodate their differences? This book answers that question and introduces you to a field-tested framework for teaching that ensures that inclusion and differentiated instruction are in harmony with standards-based education. For those educators striving to teach a standards-based curriculum in a classroom with English language learners, students from culturally diverse backgrounds, or students with disabilities, this book has the comprehensive approach needed.


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