Library Book Suggestions – December 2014

December’s library book suggestions are on various topics including guidelines for success in the classroom and strategies for handling stress.

Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teachingneverworkharder
Author Robyn R. Jackson
Call Number:  TT252
Is great teaching a gift that only a few of us are born with, or is it a skill that can be learned? In this helpful resource, the author makes a radical assertion: Any teacher can become a master teacher by developing a master teacher mindset. The master teacher mindset can be achieved by rigorously applying seven principles to your teaching until they become your automatic response to students in the classroom. Each chapter provides a detailed explanation of one of the mastery principles, the steps you need to take to apply them to your own practice, and suggestions for how you can begin practicing the principle in your classroom right away.

When Teaching Gets Tough: Smart Ways to Reclaim Your Gamewhenteachinggetstough
Author Allen N. Mendler
Call Number:  ST175
Are you overwhelmed by unruly students, difficult parents, and never-ending classroom distractions? Are you tired of scavenging and pleading for basic school supplies? Do you wonder if anyone notices or cares how much effort you put into teaching every day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the practical strategies presented in this resource will help you reclaim and sustain your energy and enthusiasm for teaching. Written with a deep understanding of the issues that teachers face every day, the book also includes sections for administrators who want to help teachers stay at the top of their game.

What Successful Teachers Do: 91 Research-Based Classroom Strategies for New and Veteran Teacherswhatsuccessfulteachersdo
Authors Neal A. Glasgow & Cathy D. Hicks
Call Number:  TT209
Built on a foundation of tested, proven, research-based strategies for instruction, assessment, and classroom management, this resource provides 91 key strategies for improving and re-energizing classroom practice. Combining theory, research, and practical suggestions, the authors cover curriculum and pedagogy, discipline and classroom management, relating to students, working with special-needs students, embracing diversity, integrating technology in the classroom, interacting with parents, collaborating with colleagues, developing a professional identity, time management, self-management, and organization.

Enlighten Up!: An Educator’s Guide to Stress-Free Livingenlightenup
Authors  Lynell Burmark & Lou Fournier
Call Number: AL128
How much of your sleep, sanity, and hair did you lose today? If you think that stress is the unavoidable price of life, it’s time to think again. This book combines down-to-earth practicality with soaring inspiration as it explores new definitions of stress and its consequences. Rather than examine the problem from the usual perspective of stress management, it entirely changes the context of stress through discussion of far-reaching new discoveries about how to defuse it. The authors apply their findings to the world of the busy educator. Imagine the difference that a new way of dealing with stress can make in your life and the lives of your colleagues and students! This powerful handbook can help you acquire greater peace and function more effectively in the classroom and beyond.

The Classroom CEO: Empowering Teachers Through the Use of Business Leadership Principalsclassroomceo
Author Deborah R. Prichard
Call Number:  AL183
In this practical guide, the author encourages teachers to discover, engage, and empower the leader within them through the introduction of seven best practice leadership principles. These seven skills, taught to and used by business leaders throughout the world, are presented through stories, tips, and examples. Guided exercises provide a simple yet insightful approach to professional and personal empowerment, leading to renewed purpose and joy in teaching. Both new and experienced teachers will benefit from the invitation into the corporate classroom where leaders learn and practice the arts of emotional intelligence, soft skills, and relationship building.

The Teacher’s Guide to Success
Author Ellen L. Kronowitz
Call Number TT268teacherguidetosucess
This highly anticipated second edition has been lauded as a blueprint for effective teaching and is brimming with thoughtful and realistic advice for new and experienced educators with a proven and practical approach to teaching through tried and true experience-based suggestions and research-based strategies. Guiding teachers from the first day to the end of the school year, each of the eight topical units addresses the everyday needs, concerns, and realities of today’s educators. From organizing the physical classroom to mapping out a differentiated curriculum, the challenges of teaching are identified and streamlined.


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