Sustaining a Quality Co-Teaching Program — Recommendations by Marilyn Friend

Ever wonder what makes co-teaching easier and more effective to implement?  We asked Marilyn Friend, Ph.D., and her answers may surprise you! Listen to this short, three-minute podcast to discover the top three recommendations that support implementing and sustaining a quality co-teaching program. Marilyn Friend is the author of many books, articles, and resources on co-teaching and inclusive practices, including the video series, The Power of 2.  Many of these resources are available at no charge through the T/TAC W&M leading library. [Read more…]

A Self-Reflection Tool to Facilitate Growth as a Co-Teaching Team (Podcast included within article)

By Daria Lorio-Barsetn, M.Ed., and Mary Murray Stowe, M.Ed.

Growth and self-transformation cannot be delegated.
Lewis Mumford*

Self-reflection and continual growth are critical to success for educational professionals.  To facilitate this process, this article provides an introduction to a self-reflection tool to guide co-teachers through personalized professional improvement as a co-teaching team. [Read more…]

Data Collection and Analysis Podcast with Janelle Spitz

In this podcast Janelle Spitz ,the principal at Mary Passage Middle School in Newport News, VA, discusses her school’s journey to improve learning outcomes for students through data collection and analysis.   She describes how she alleviates teachers’ fears related to student data reporting in inclusive classrooms, explains how she encourages teachers to hold high expectations for all students, and shares tips for new administrators hoping to increase student achievement.

A Conversation: Family Engagement and Student Success

In this podcast Michael Andrews, father, educator, and Director for Leadership Development at Flamboyan Foundation in Washington, DC, addresses the following crucial guideposts for building family engagement within schools.

  • Why family engagement is essential to student success in school
  • What effective family engagement looks like when practiced
  • How administrators, parents and educators can work together to build effective relationships.

Listen and learn about what action each stakeholder (parent, educator, administrator) can take to build authentic relationships that positively affect students’ academic success.

To support you on your journey toward cultivating a family-inclusive learning environment please check out the following resources provided by the Virginia Department of Education:

Tips and Strategies for Increasing Parent and Family Involvement in Virginia Schools

Collaborative Family-School Relationships for Children’s Learning

National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships: Potential Resources for Standard 6 – Collaborating with Community

From Seatwork to Feetwork – Engaging Students in Their Own Learning

In this podcast Ron Nash, Keynote Speaker at the College of William and Mary Symposium on Professional Collaboration and Inclusive Education (2011), shares how teachers can employ active learning strategies in the classroom to enhance student learning. He provides suggestions for how to develop relationships with students; build learning communities in the classroom; and get students up and moving, talking to each other, and interacting with the critical content.

Mother And Son Share the Impact of the I’m Determined Project

In this podcast Jonathan Brooks, a youth leader for the I’m Determined Project, and his mother, Tiffany Burton, highlight how the life skills learned through this project have helped them to make positive changes in their lives –  both academically and personally.   Jonathan shares how his involvement with I’m Determined has improved his self-esteem. Tiffany provides her perspective as a parent involved with the project, and reveals how it has impacted her younger son as well.

A Mother and Daughter Co-Teaching Team’s Story: A Unique Partnership at Lee Jackson Elementary School in Mathews County, VA

In this podcast, you will meet a mother and daughter co-teaching team from Lee Jackson Elementary school in Mathews County, VA. Kris Long, her school’s Teacher of the Year, and Chandler Rogers discuss their unique co-teaching relationship and provides co-teaching tips for new teams as well as insights for veteran partners. Listen to the podcast. [Read more…]

Dave Ferguson’s Story: Growing up in Poverty Made Me the Principal I Am Today

The podcast, David Ferguson’s Story: Growing up in Poverty Made me the Principal I Am Today, features an interview with David Ferguson, Principal of Rappahannock High School in Richmond County, Virginia.  Hear his powerful story of how growing up in poverty shapes his work as an educator. [Read more…]

Ruth Tobey’s Story: A Special Educator Reflects on Student Success

Ruth Tobey’s Story: A Special Educator Reflects on Student Success, features an interview with special educator, Ruth Tobey. Hear how she supports students with disabilities and learn how she encouraged Ronnie Sidney, featured in the podcast Ronnie Sidney’s Story: My Experience with Champions in Education.


Ronnie Sidney’s Story: My Experience with Champions in Education

Have you ever wondered how students remember you after they graduate? The June 2015 podcast, Ronnie Sidney’s Story: My Experience with Champions in Education features an inspirational conversation with Ronnie Sidney, MSW, a graduate of Essex County Public Schools (VA). Hear how certain teachers were his champions through his educational journey and learn what you can do to be a champion for students.