Collaboration Corner – September/October 2015

ccsmallThe Link Lines newsletter features answers to questions submitted by readers. For the September/October issue, the following question was posed by an educator from Amelia County Public Schools after reading Laying the Foundation: Considerations for Scheduling Students with Disabilities.

Dear T/TAC,

“I would like more information about class grouping. If 20-40% of the students have IEP’s, then what should the breakdown of the rest of the students abilities be rated. In other words should the other students be low, medium or high achieving students? What percentage? Thank you for any help you can give me on this topic.” [Read more…]

Collaboration Corner – May/June 2015

NEWcollaborationcornerDear T/TAC,

I am a fourth-grade general education co-teacher. My grade level is departmentalized, and I teach four social studies classes each day. I use the same lesson plan for every class. My special education co-teaching partner receives a copy of my lesson plan each week, but we do not have scheduled co-planning time. Since we are not collaboratively planning, we most frequently fall into the one teach, one assist co-teaching structure. We are frustrated because we know that we could better meet the needs of our students if we could plan instruction together. Do you have any suggestions?

Frustrated in S.S.

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