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Mini Grant Dollars for Inclusion

The Virginia Department of Education, in collaboration with the Partnership for People with Disabilities, supports the Inclusion Project, a youth-led initiative to increase disability awareness in … [Read More...]

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High Leverage Practices and Specially Designed Instruction: Powerful Means to Address Students’ Learning Needs and Ensure Positive Academic Outcomes

Patricia, a 24-year veteran teacher with secondary co-teaching experience in English 9 and Earth Science, poses the following question: "How do we, my co-teacher and I, deliver a standards-based … [Read More...]


Resource Spotlight: Comprehensive Classroom Management Tool

By Nick Kier, M.A.T., Daria Lorio-Barsten, M.Ed., and Kara McCulloch, M.S. The task of observing and providing feedback on teacher classroom management can be overwhelming.  Multiple … [Read More...]


Power Tools: IEP Planning and Specially Designed Instruction

By Susan Jones, M.S.Ed., and Shelley Littleton, M.Ed. Every new school year brings the opportunity to reflect and look forward. If organization, data collection, and designing specialized … [Read More...]

Co-teaching Partnering Puzzle

Co-Teacher Leaders – Livingston Elementary School

By Donni Davis-Perry, M.Ed. and Shelley Littleton, M.Ed. Are you interested in learning ways to provide specially designed instruction within the co-taught classroom? Watch as co-teacher leaders … [Read More...]

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Co-Teaching Demonstration Sites in Regions 2 and 3

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has identified co-teaching demonstration sites throughout the commonwealth in the Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative. There are six demonstration sites … [Read More...]


Virginia’s Revised Standards of Accreditation

The new Regulations Establishing the Standards of Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia, approved by the Board of Education in November, 2017, are effective this academic year.  The Virginia … [Read More...]